Outer Banks Free Press Special Bulletin
Hurricane Sandy Strikes the Outer Banks; Raw FACEBOOK Pictures

Hurricane Sandy Pounded the Outer Banks of North Caroling during the last few days of October, 2012, leaving destruction similar to that of Hurricane Isabelle. The following pictures were collected from FACEBOOK or sent in by individuals and have been placed on this page as a historical record of the power and damage that Hurricane Sandy brought to the fragile Outer Banks. If you would like to submit a photo or if there is a picture on this page that you would like to have removed or have comments added to, please contact the editor at editorobfp@gmail.com
The Beach Road in Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills

Kitty Hawk Beach Road.

Kitty Hawk Beach Road

The Beach Road, Mile Post 2 in Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk Beach Road looking north near the Black Pelican Restaurant

The Rundown Cafe in Kitty Hawk

The Kitty Hawk Hilton Hotel in Kitty Hawk

The Historic Winks Grocery in Kitty Hawk

Arts Place in Kitty Hawk

Hurricane Moe's in Kitty Hawk suffered Terribly

Another Picture of Hurricane Moe's from the Black Pelican Restaurant

Avalon Pier As it begins to Unravel from the force of Hurricane Sandy

Impressive picture of Sea Water washing over parking lot wall at Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills

Avalon Pier was cut into 3 sections by the Hurricane Sandy

Great picture showing Avalon Pier Cut into 3 sections by Hurricane Sandy

Looking north from the Ranch Resort toward Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills

The Bypass Highway, US 158

The Dunes Shops near Mile Post 4 in Kitty Hawk
Highway 158 about Mile Post 3.5

About Mile Post 3.5 in Kitty Hawk

US 158 Blocked by Storm WatersLooking North in Kitty Hawk along US 158 in Kitty Hawk

Photo taken about mile post 4.5 near the Bread Company

Hurricane Sandy Pounding Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head, Oct. 27, 2012
Hatteras Island

New Bridge at Rodanthe

Frisco Pier

S Curves

Route 12 Mirlo Beach in Rodanthe

Ocracoke Island
Howards Pub in the Village of Ocracoke
RAW Videos of Hurricane Sandy's Damage to the Outer Banks
U TUBE VIDEO: Hurricane Sandy Hatteras Island -
During the Storm Footage Compilation...................
VIDEO: Helicopter View of Damage from Hurricane
Sandy Along Outer Banks by WAVY TV.................
Raw Video: Aerial footage of NC 12 and Hatteras
Island from Dare County Medflight by Channel 3..
Video: Hurricane Sandy Wipes Out Route 12
Avalon Pier Broken by the Fury of Hurricane Sandy
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