Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle

Beautiful and Mysterious Vincent Motor
Worlds First Super Bike 
First unveiled in 1948, the Vincent Black Shadow had a 998cc air-cooled OHC engine that produced about 55bhp at 5,700rpm. This was enough to deliver a top speed of 125 mph. In 1948 this was the World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle. The bike was designed by Phil Irving. The Vincent had a reputation that it could go faster than you could ride it. I would imagine that to be true considering the braking systems that motorcycles used in those years. The motorcycle world paid special attention to this black metal beast.
The Black Shadow also did away with the traditional tubular frame. The powerful motor and four-speed gearbox became the bike’s backbone, connecting the steering head and rear-sub-frame together. The rear end was equipped with cantilevered suspension to deliver a remarkably smooth and responsive ride for the time..

The mysterious 1948 Vincent Black Shadow
Model: 1948 Series C Black Shadow
Engine: 998 cc (84 x 90 mm bore and stroke)
50° OHV V Twin
Carburetor: 2 x 1.125 inch type 29 Amals
Ignition: Lucas Magneto
Electrics: 6v 45w dynamo
Lubrication: Dry sump, 3 US quarts
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gallons
  Gearbox: Integral Vincent four speed,
triplex chain primary, dry servo - drum clutch
Final Drive: 530 chain, 46/21 sprockets
Tires 3 x 20 in front, 3.50 x 19 in rear
Wheels: Front: 1.65 x 20 in.steel rim;
Rear: 1.65 x 19 in.steel rim.
Frame: "Diamond Frame"
with engine as stressed member
Rear Suspension: Cantilever rear springing
Front forks: Vincent Girdraulic forks, 3" travel
Brakes: Twin drums,
7 in diameter in front and rear,
single leading shoe 7/8" wide.
Weight: 455 lb (Wet - 500 lb)
Wheelbase: 55.5 in.
Seat height: 32.5 in.
125 mph
55 bhp at 5700 rpm
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