A Dangerously Delicious Ride through Maryland
The Filling Station
The journey began at a coffee house called the Filling Station. Located on Falls Rd, just north
of Baltimore's I-695 in Hunt Valley, Maryland. This vintage stone building once functioned as
petrol station, but closed long ago, only to be re-imagined and re-opened as a coffee house in
the early 2000s.

Pre-ride Caffeine ! make mine Regular, por favor.
Lets Burn Some Dinosaurs
The owners of the Filling Station have admirably managed to maintain
the old buildings, even keeping the old Sinclair gas pump intact.
Falls Road Fun
Falls Road runs from just south of the PA line to Baltimore city, running parallel to the
Falls River. Several old stone houses/mills pepper the roadside, showing the area's mill
heritage. This shot was taken just a few miles north of the Filling Station............

Falls Road features endless 45-60 mph sweepers under gorgeous tree canopy.

One of many stone homes that can be seen along Falls River.

Ahhh beef, pit beef that is: a quick stopover at Shorty's Pit
Beef. Marylanders love their pit beef (and snow balls too).

BTW, note Shorty's randy slogan: His
Meat's (sic) Taste Good in your Mouth !

Preferred Means to an End-Exiting Falls Rd
via Aleisa Rd - just south of the PA line....
Slice of Americana
I snapped this photo heading west toward Taneytown.
The northern Maryland countryside is absolutely gorgeous.
Agrarian Paradise

"There are several farms in the area that serve to stock the local
grocery stores and support the growing farm-to-table movement"

Weathered Red Barn
A roadside lemonade stand just outside this picture provided
some much-needed liquid while DOCUMENTING this building.
Traversing the Catoctin Mt Loop
I met-up with a group of friendly Harley riders in Emmitsburg, MD and they offered
to show me a scenic way to SR 550 and the Catoctin Mt loop. This picture was
taken on SR 550 heading south to Thurmont, MD.

Downtown Thurmont, gateway to the MD mountains
Verdant Viffer
This was taken on SR 77 through the Catoctin Mt and Cunningham Falls St Park

No Explanation Needed
How about a Walk in the Woods ?
The Appalachian trail intersects SR 77. This road is quite fun although often
filled with campers and minivans galore-fortunately not on this day.
Heading to Wolfsville, MD
Turning off SR 77 via Wolfsville Rd/SR 17. this stretch of tarmac is an absolute blast to ride.

Downtown Wolfsville, MD

This cool abandoned stone house is located on
Stottlemeyer Rd and was a real head-turner...

After looping back up to SR 77 from Wolfsville, MD to SR 77, I
headed back toward Wolfsville Rd/SR 17 (I told you I liked SR 17)

South of Wolfsville, East of Heaven

100 Miles On. "A Contemplative Moment of Bliss"

Little House in the Valley

A Closer Look at the Little House in the Valley
Post-Ride Coffee and Pie at Dangerously
Delicious Pies in Federal Hill..........
This place serves pie that lives up to its name. Now, how about some apple pie ala mode !
Pie Heaven
What, No apple pie, no ice cream? No worries, pecan pie and black coffee
will do. BTW, if you are given a choice between regular heaven and pie heaven,
choose pie heaven. It could be a trick, but if not, mmmmmm boy.

Muchas Gracias for the Pie and Jo
Here's the route: